a boring ramble, really just skip this one

pressure's on.

new work project is bound to wind up on slashdot freshmeat etc., is the consensus. a million smart & snarky people will be picking apart our code, some of which will be mine. ceo says "if there's ever a time to gold-plate, it's now."

mwf class i'm not sure i can get into. ah, but today i got a verbal agreement from my tues-thurs professor. i will be conducting a semester-long phonological study on a language of my choice. i have to find a native speaker. i will do acoustic models! i love being nerdy.

and let's not even talk about the fact that i get/have to meet the principals on a project at the research institute of my dreams next week. i have to convince them that i am somehow qualified to do this work (i have no idea if i am). then i have to find the time to actually do it.

i have to figure out my sections still, have to get my old computer ready to give away, have to think for two seconds about my mom's upcoming visit here, her first time out here in more than 8 years. i have to keep track of train schedules and commuter checks, project meetings and study groups and readings and homework. statements of purpose, letters of recommendation. bug tracking. midterms oh god midterms and let's not even think about finals yet, let's not even allow a whisper of an idea of finals into our minds, not yet. development environments and three-subject notebooks and apparently i do have a calnet id, but i don't know what the password is! did i set the password and then forget it? not like me but then again i wasn't really myself before the summer class started.

pressure's on but then i was always good under pressure.
time to see if i've still got it.