a line allows progress, a circle does not


okay...okay. i just have this friend, and she's doing this thing...with the stuff...
ah, nevermind. it's just sometimes you look at the decisions that people are making and you think wtf, man. and if you care about them at all it can be very frustrating. but you can't fuck with other people's lessons, you know? i can only tell her what i think, and i did, and now i will watch her get squished and then comfort her afterwards. this is karmic payback, i know it. 'cause for a long time i was retarded too.

but in other news, today i am wearing my favorite sweater and that means that fall is getting close. wool sweaters are fall and my favorite one is bright blue, and getting a bit frayed around the ends of the sleeves, which suits me just fine. i love the feel of fall's rad sunny-cool days. fall is crinkly, smokey, and scratchy. this year, september means trying to get into full classes through concurrent enrollment (read: last priority, g'luck chumpy) and trying to work out the research gig and trying to figure out the car stuff. this year, fall means details and details are boring. but it also means the olivias the decemberists and bestfriend birthdays.

and my feet are starting to itch, i can feel it a little. never been very good at staying in one place for too long and in the last year i've been to mn twice and nyc once and the mountains a jillion times and that was all so great but i really want to go somewhere else. somewhere different, not-family not-california and for more than a weekend. see? i'm a greedy human. everything is awesome and i still want more-more-more. i'd had delusions of going back to new orleans but alone this time, bringing piles of books and my computer and sitting for hours in du monde every morning just reading and writing and sipping my chicory coffee. just watching the slow river and letting the hot wet air press on me. i want to go everywhere and do everything and never worry about time or money.

today i am impatient with myself and others.
i am restless and anticipating the next thing.