if you really loved me, you'd sever my corpus callosum

semester is over. i sort of didn't think i would make it through this one. i mean...i always say that. but this time i actually meant it, which if you know me well you know might be true because i was actually quieter about school than normal. h observed years ago that when i'm quietest i am often feeling the most intensely, and it's still true.

i gave a conference talk and have another in a few weeks. i gave two talks and a handful of smaller presentations at berkeley. i'm organizing a major conference to be held in february. i wrote my first major grant proposal. 17 pages, with itemized budget and everything.

i'm...tired. i haven't been sleeping that well. mostly i've been waking up sometime between 3.30 and 4 and after an hour of lying there awake i just get up and work until it is time to go to school. oh, and i've been sick.

i'm whinging!

this weekend we are going to whistler to see pretty snow.
i will ski. skiing is the best, silent and fast.
xo, see you soon.