sleepless in berkeley (for the moment).

i wish i had a patron saint of sleep or something; alas, i am not catholic. but if i did, i'd protest this whole insomnia thing that's been with me since i got back a few days ago. i would say maybe i just am needing a little less sleep right now, except that i'm feeling tired and draggy during the days, so i don't think that's it. probably a combination of a too-full head and a not-active-enough body.

after being back in the bay for just three nights, i am leaving again for the mountains. but this time...the place i'm going, and who i'm going with...i think it will feel pretty much like home.

then back here for two weeks. my longest stretch in berkeley since i moved into my apartment! i can actually buy a full round of groceries, and hopefully sell off my damn television and unpack my books (which are still stacked neatly in boxes in one of my closets). of the surrounding seven weeks (beginning of august to middle of sept), 8/18-19 will be my only one in town. it goes like this:
OR - tahoe - home - mendocino - tahoe - OR - MN

school starts the week between mendocino and the second tahoe trip. and i will likely be making a short trip to the reservation during the first week of classes.

probably someone ought to remind me that i'm not 25 anymore!