exuberant heart

hot on the heels of the weirdest night last night (see below): the greatest day.
well, the greatest day given that i am here, when really i would rather be at home.

still, unarguably a good day. made some progress on my project and had a fun time talking to V. made a strange-but-strangely-good lunch in our little kitchen. had a break in the late afternoon for a few hours, during which i found the best. text message. EVER. waiting for me on my phone. seriously. then a long happy sweet yim conversation and then i felt saturated in good energy from her.

phone call from E, she's back from australia and i didn't even realize how much i missed her until i heard her voice. then i went out for a long long walk, and then L and i went to the store and now instead of working i think i will simply enjoy this warm and sleepy feeling of wellbeing that i have going on right now.

tomorrow is our last day of working with V. then they are having a cookout for us; they're inviting family members over and making all kinds of food. and V is going to teach me to make indian fry bread in a pan over a fire! yeah! hopefully then i can make it next weekend when i hike up to a ridge in the sierras and camp for the night, watching the perseids.

monday we head down to the reservation.
tuesday...meeting, then home!

summer is nearly over but what a summer.
work proceeds, heartfriends are coming home, and i have a new love.

ah, life!