inadequately expressed

on the day that you wake up wondering where she is and she's coming into the bedroom from where she was sleeping on the couch because you were snoring because you have a cold and you can't breathe when you're lying down and she's not even a little annoyed with you. on the day that you wake up and look at her and tell her you had a dream about someone else, someone from the past, and she says 'it's okay, i've got you, let it go' and then later while her tshirt is still wet with your tears and your snot she's in the kitchen, baking you scones for breakfast. on the day that you never leave her house, you just read in her bed and play videogames on her couch and you nap while she goes to get food for dinner. on the day that you utterly dissolve and she lets you, and she loves you, and she looks after you. on that day you might start to believe in the feelings you've been feeling, believe in healed and unalone.

and you might want to say 'thank you' but two words aren't very many, and you might have no idea how to properly thank someone for something of this magnitude.