well, kids. NaBloPoMo is over. i did it, i wrote every day of november. will i continue to write every day? perhaps i will...i have been enjoying it, particularly i have enjoyed your comments. i like it when this feels like a conversation.


have i mentioned how much i have to do? the big term paper, the squib, the really huge term paper? the other batch of abstracts to review, more dreams to crush, etc. etc.? lots to do, major stress.

so tonight i did what any sensible hardworking grad student would do under these conditions: i baked a pie.

allow me to correct myself: i am baking a pie.
have to get the tense and aspect correct.


what else...oh yes, i updated my profile a little but did you know they barely let you list any music in there? it sucks. they say you can have 600 characters, which already meant i had to cut my original list of favorite bands in half. then after i got blogger to accept my list, they didn't all actually show up! so i had to cut it in half again. i thought about listing more bands in the books and movies sections but (a) i might fill those in someday, and (b) that felt like cheating.